Business & Administration

Are you interested in learning systematic ways to find solutions? Do you like to analyze, compare and interpret facts and figures? Do you prefer developing strategies and taking risks based on quantifiable pros and cons? Perhaps you like connecting services and products with the people or companies who can use them? Do you want to see people work to their best potential individually and in a team environment? A number of majors available to you at Florida State have consistently produced leaders, managers, strategists and entrepreneurs working in industries as diverse as hospitality, insurance, investment, real estate and retail. Learn skills and best practices to create and manage your own enterprise or to carry out crucial business functions, such as accounting or marketing, which can equip you to advance in corporate, governmental or nonprofit organizations.

* Majors also offered at Panama City campus

Accounting *

Actuarial Science

Advertising (Communication)

Asian Studies with Emphasis in Business

Business Administration (Panama City campus only)

Engineering (Industrial)

English (Editing, Writing, Media)

Entrepreneurship (Commercial) *

Entrepreneurship (Retail)

Entrepreneurship (Social) *

Entrepreneurship (STEM)


Financial Planning *

Global Club Management and Leadership

Hospitality and Tourism Management *

Information, Communication & Technology


Latin American and Carribean Studies with Emphasis in Business

Management (General)

Management (Human Resources)

Management Information Systems


Professional Communication - Panama City campus only

Professional Sales

Public Relations (Communication)

Real Estate

Recreation and Tourism Management

Retail Merchandising

Risk Management and Insurance




Sport Management