Computing & Mathematics

Do others describe you as an analytical or investigative? Do you like the detail work of verifying, balancing, estimating and forecasting numbers? Are you interested in managing information or technology tasks? Today, some of the fastest growing careers focus on computing and mathematical skills. These skills are also becoming essential in business, science and engineering jobs. Florida State has notable degree programs in many of these areas. These programs are designed to give you the most current technical information in rapidly changing fields while also providing a set of core tools that you can depend on throughout your career. Within these majors students are prepared for jobs in industries such as academia, accounting, finance government and technology.

* Majors also offered at Panama City campus

Accounting *

Actuarial Science

Applied Mathematics


Computational Biology (Biology)

Computational Biology (Computer Science)

Computational Science

Cyber Criminology (Computer Science)

Cyber Criminology (Criminology)

Computer Programming and Applications BA

Computer Science, BA *

Computer Science, BS *

Engineering (Chemical)

Engineering (Biomedical)

Engineering (Civil) *

Engineering (Computer) *

Engineering (Electrical) *

Engineering (Mechanical)


FSU-Teach (Biology)

FSU-Teach (Chemical Science)

FSU-Teach (Mathematics)

FSU-Teach (Computer Science - Math)

Information, Communication & Technology

Information Technology

Management Information Systems



Physics & Astrophysics