Interdisciplinary Studies

Are you interested in a variety of disciplines? Do you see the world in an interconnected way? You may want to consider an interdisciplinary degree at FSU. Given the variety of complex global and societal factors that characterize todays’ world, interdisciplinary programs have become more popular throughout the nation. Many interdisciplinary majors allow you to create your own degree program by allowing you to take course work in a variety of disciplines, providing you with a rich perspective and a well-rounded educational experience.

* Majors also offered at Panama City campus

Actuarial Science


Asian Studies with Emphasis in Business



Chinese and Japanese

Classical Archeology

Classical Civilization

Classics and Religion

Communication (Media and Communication Studies)

Computational Biology (Biology)

Computational Biology (Computer Science)

Computational Science

Cyber Criminology (Computer Science)

Cyber Criminology (Criminology)

Engineering (Chemical)

Engineering (Civil) *

Environment and Society

Financial Planning *




Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences: Clinical Professions

Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences: Health Management, Policy and Information

Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences: Community Patient Care

Interdisciplinary Social Science **

International Affairs

Latin and Greek

Latin American & Carribean Studies

Latin American and Carribean Studies with Emphasis in Business

Middle Eastern Studies


Public Health


Russian & East European Studies


Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies